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BEST OF 2012

scott adams

grave digger

Best Band of 2012 – Grave Digger.

Any band of Grave Digger's vintage that can pull out the album of their career (The splendid 'Clash Of The Gods') and bring out their own body scrub gets my vote. All hail the New Wave of Klean Kraut Thrash (NWoKKT).

Best Album Of 2012 – Crazy Lixx: 'Riot Avenue'

A spine tingling mix of Kix, Krokus and another band beginning with K that's just slipped my mind, Crazy Lixx proved that you don't need to be 56 to pull this kindaschtick off with consummate style.

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Best Single/EP of 2012 – Black Trillium: 'The Locked Woods' EP

Top notch Aussie doom. Misery incarnate.

Best Gig of 2012 – The Darkness, ANU Refectory, Canberra 10/5/12

Hawkins bestrides the Australian Capital like a satin jumpsuit-clad colossus. All the hits and more, delivered with a glint in the eye and a skin-peeling solo in every song. Canberra hasn't been rocked so willingly in years.

Promo Video of 2012 – The Darkness: 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us'

Despite 'Hot Cakes' being a huge disappointment, I really liked this song and vid... which is as good a reason as any to pick it I guess.

Best Festival of 2012 – Steel Assassins, Sydney

Two days of unadulterated true Metal in a pub, including a band called Metal who have the word Metal in every song title. What more do you need?

Most Annoying Moment of 2012

Don't start me. But if you really want to know try leafing through any one of the three and a half thousand tweets I've been forced to post when annoyed by things... (@30yrnr if you're interested).

Best Underground Band of 2012

Australia is full of the buggers, but of those that released albums this year The Levitation Hex and Be'Lakor deserve wider attention – go to it!


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