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the kraken

We love big things at MetalTalk. Big noisy things preferably, so what could be more bill-fitting than a Heavy Metal Kraken?

Obviously our interest was piqued when these Adelaide bruisers responded to our internet callout to unsigned bands around the world, and we were happy to give the band the chance to bring themselves to our attention. Want to find out more about them? Of course you do. So read on...

It's a very Metal hello, good evening and welcome to you sir - but who are you, and what's your role in this band?

"I'm Matt Disisto, I play guitar and sing in The Kraken."

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That's the correct answer for ten points! Sorry, I'm presiding over a pub quiz tonight and I've been doing a bit of practicing. Got confused. Let's move on. Who else is in the band?

"We've got Charlie Young on bass, Kyle Simpson on guitar and Ryan Quarrington on drums."

And how long has the band been together?

"We formed in late 2013. We've all known each other and have been mates for years, playing in bands in the local Adelaide scene (I'm also in Voros, Chalice's in AMODERNDEATH and Ryan and Kyle are in Alkira). Ryan and I just decided to have a jam one day and the tunes stared to flow. Soon after Kyle joined in, and then Charlie, and by the end of June 2014 we'd written, recorded and released a five song EP."

Quick work. Any other material written, or just the five tracks at the minute?

"We've just got this one release to date and we're probably looking to support that for a bit longer before getting back into the writing process."

Fair enough - Now to some more general industry-related stuff, and the reason you're here - The Kraken are as yet unsigned. But the connotations of the word 'unsigned' have changed over time - How important do you think record companies even are in today's modern world of social media et cetera?

"It has become a lot easier for an independent band to record and release their own EP/album, but I still think having the support of a decent record label is very beneficial to bands, especially when it comes to distribution."

So as an extention of that, how important is all the other impedimenta of being in a signed band? Are band managers, distro companies, merch companies and PR reps just other means by which a band can lose money or does each separate part of the machine still have something to offer the modern, independent band?

"I think it depends on the motivation of the members of the band. All of these things are achievable as an independent band if there are members with the time or energy to put into doing them, but generally musos tend to be a little lazy haha, myself included, and the less time you spend doing these type of things, the more time you have to actually play."

Yes, the age-old dichotomy. Very few musicians seem to be competent (or even interested) businessmen or women! So you think a decent label might help with distro - but what about publicity? What for you as a band has been the most effective means of getting your name out to a wider audience?

"Gigging, fullstop (laughs), especially interstate. I think when people see a band live they connect with the music more and will be more likely to remember your band, assuming they like your music (more laughs)."

And what about the worst? Any dead ends you've come up against?

"Although it's probably the most useful tool for any unsigned band, I'd have to say Facebook."

Really? Why?

"Facebook's great for keeping in touch with your fans and friends and letting them know what's happening with your band, but in terms of purely reaching a wider audience I think emailing promoters and media outlets and just getting out there and gigging are far more effective."

We'd have to agree with you there - never underestimate the power of dedicated, niche media outlets! (Puts down own trumpet)... Now, I'm taking a punt here and assuming you are currently managerless - how many hours a week do you spend on non-playing activities as a band?

"I haven't really thought about it but I probably spend 3-5 hours on a quiet week on the band without picking up a guitar, contacting people about reviewing our EP, the possibility of shows interstate or supporting interstate acts, the list goes on. The other guys pitch in a bit as well, Charlie so far has done all of our logos and designs."

Now for some plugging - any tour plans in the near future? Any stuff for sale?

"Our debut EP '...Rises' is available at

"We did a mini Victorian tour earlier in the year, and will hopefully have some more interstate dates to announce soon. Our next show is at the Enigma Bar in Adelaide with the return of Adelaide Stoner Rock legends Mammoth."

Adelaide readers take note! That's sure to be a storming show. Now, where can our readers find out more about you, should they be so minded?

"From us! If anyone wants to get in contact they can reach us at, or if you're at one of our gigs, come up, have a beer and a good chin wag!"

Anything else the readers of MetalTalk need to know about your band?

"Just that we're all about the music and playing live, that's when our songs really come to life! Also, we're all about having a good time when we're out and about, so get out to one of our gigs! The beers will be flowing, ARRRUUURRRRUUUFFFFFF!!!!!"


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