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'Preachers Of The Night'
(Napalm Records)

Words: Johnny Churchill

jonathan churchill


I hadn't heard of German metallers Powerwolf until this month when MetalTalk was given the opportunity to review their new album 'Preachers Of The Night'. I love a bit of pure power Metal and this seemed like a great chance to get away from some of the softer AOR and classic rock/Metal I've been reviewing recently. What's more, the album cover is fantastic.

You shouldn't judge a book etc, but this has a wolf dressed in mediaeval bishop's robes coming at you with a burning church cross. What's not to like? The music lives up to the visuals too. It is straightforward Teutonic power Metal with a strong hint of Sabaton and Rammstein with Ghost's spooky imagery. If you like your Metal fast and fun, this is a very entertaining album.

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The opening two tracks, 'Amen And Attack' and 'Secrets Of The Sacristy' are really strong with fist-pumping choruses and the usual arsenal of double-bass drumming and galloping riffs. Other highlights are 'Lust For Blood', 'Cardinal Sin' – with its driving guitar riffs – and the classy seven minute finale, 'Last Of The Living Dead'. (It's actually only about four minutes long but manages to pack in some creepy Latin chanting, and ends with three minutes of atmospheric stormy rain.)

'Amen And Attack' in particular is so entertaining that it will definitely feature in the end of year 'best of' singles lists. The promo video (which is presumably tongue-in-cheek?) matches the tone of the song perfectly.

Helpfully, most of the album is sung in English but there are some German tracks. As we've seen with Rammstein however, if the music is powerful enough, it works well and actually adds to epic feel of the record.

Verdict: A little generic and hard to distinguish at times from the established Sabaton template, but great fun and well worth a listen if you enjoy bombastic power Metal.

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