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Release Date: Out Now!

Words: Johnny Churchill

jonathan churchill

cage the gods

Having recently seen Cage The Gods at Islington's Academy, and enjoyed their recent EP, I'm delighted to have their full-length debut album, 'Badlands' to review. It's a ballsy hard rock album brimming with youthful confidence and some great tunes you want to hear more of. And they're British.

It's one of those records that you can just put on anytime and have a blast. Almost every track has something to offer and although the band has its own identity and sound, there are multiple classic rock influences to enjoy.

The band really do deliver a fresh perspective on these influences, but it's fun to keep an ear out for hints of The Cult especially, and the usual assorted 'Americana' rock from across the decades.

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Singer and lyricist Peter Comerford has a powerful set of pipes and to my ears, especially on album opener 'Favourite Sin' and latest single Bruce Willis, he sounds a little like the lower range, growly Jon Bon Jovi you find on tracks like 'Bad Medicine'.

Lead guitar and songwriter James Moncur plays a blinder and there's more than a few stand-out moments on the album, including 'Falling', a moody power ballad with a timeless feel, the Cult-esque title track 'Badlands' and 'One More Taste', a sleazy red-eyed stomp.

Despite the carefully crafted catchy choruses and slick riffs, there's a certain rawness in the songwriting and production and it's very much a back to basics no-frills rock album, similar in a way to Def Leppard's early records. For me this is a bonus and having seen the band live, they definitely pack a punch.

In short though, it's a really entertaining proper old-school hard rock album with songs that are both catchy and credible. Not bad for a debut, and well worth checking out.

cage the gods

Cage The Gods have a big year ahead of them, including the Download Festival. Let's hope they can seize the moment because there's genuine potential here and this could be the start of another great British rock band.

Key tracks:
· Favourite Sin
· Falling
· Badlands
· Trouble Reigns
· A Thousand Times

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