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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
14th February 2011

living in a valvestate

Living In A Valvestate

5 track EP title: Smile Now, Cry Later


Lock n'Load
Saviour Of The Day
Smile Now, Cry Later
Taken For Granted
I'm Coming Back

Living In A Valvestate are an English five piece rock 'n' roll band based in Torquay and having honed their skills playing live supporting Girlschool, Wasted, Enuff Z' Nuff and Nik Turner, have come up with this rather cracking five track EP, 'Cry Now Smile Later.'

They kick into 'Lock n' Load' with aplomb, bringing their own updated twist to 80's rock to the fore fusing influences from the glam, guitar based rock trashers of that era with a shot of Seattle thrown in for good measure.

Switching mood and tempo with 'Smile Now, Cry Later' and the melodic 'Taken For Granted', they kick up a gear for 'Saviour Of The Day', mashing up big chunky riffs, squealing guitars and vocal harmonies for a balls to the wall slice of Rock 'n' roll, but for me, the track of the EP has to be 'I'm Coming Back'.

Full on, high energy driving beats and a head banging hook, this track simply storms out of the speakers and would do far bigger bands proud.

'Living In A Valvestate' have that little something extra that will keep them apart from the generic rockers churned out nowadays. This is a really fine young band and definitely one to watch in 2011.

Top stuff!



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