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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
17th February 2011

magna saga

Magna Saga: 'The Fox' five track EP

Damn me!! There really aren't many bands that get me all a-quiver and unnecessary on first listening but this stunning London three piece are definitely one of them!

'The Fox' is a five track EP of huge proportions showing a depth and maturity from the band that's so rarely found in a self released CD.

Imagine yourself in a dark, packed, swaying club pulsating with a simultaneous fusion of noise from the Queens of the Stone age, Sonic Youth and a steroid riddled Radiohead and you'll just begin to get a taste of where these guys are coming from.

'First and Last' launches the assault with driving, switched tempo beats under sway of some superb vocals oozing confidence and bitterness in equal proportions, 'Belicose' is a slow burning track full of desolation and despair while 'True To Say' swings towards their QOTSA influences, a melee of brutally exquisite guitar chords and grungy melodies.

'The Fox' stamps and rips with pounding drums, punishing bass lines and searing guitars, a dark, brooding instrumental track stripped to the bare bones, and finally we switch mood to 'The Night Of Broken Glass', a mellow, monster of a song consumed with yearning vocals and tempered with swathes of Sonic Youth-esque guitar distortion and barely concealed aggression that blasts through chaos to climax.

A truly fabulous EP that's left me feeling a little bereft now it's all over, and with a huge desire to hear much, much more from them.

And incidentally, the cover artwork is by none other than the legendary Krusher Joule.

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