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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
21st February 2011


I happened upon these guys, more by luck than judgement I might add, playing a funky little venue local to me and got one hell of a surprise!

Hailing from High Wycombe, which admittedly is not the centre of the rock 'n' roll universe, this really is one gem of a band which might just be the one to put the town on the map!

Feud are an incredibly tight, hard hitting, hard playing four piece consisting of the two Combrinck brothers Greg and Guy, Ian Harper and Tom Syrett, and are more than capable of holding their own with far bigger bands.

They belt out their thumping, punky grunge rock and roll sound infused with melodies and played with serious attitude and huge drive on this four track. 'Save Me' is a blistering mix of huge riffs and soaring vocals that would be quite at home amongst Seattle's finest.

'One Last Time' is a cracking little tuneful number bundled along by some superb guitar playing amongst the power and angst.

'Spilt Milk' is all bitterness and bile, mixing hints of the Foo's and Stone Sour alongside their own twist and 'Flipside' is a dark, moody battering of monster riffs and tempo switches, seeping melancholy through every pore.

With a debut album on its way this summer, they really are one to keep an eye on, and with a tour to kick off the new material, you can catch them at the Peel, Kingston on March 18th and various other London venues. I know I will.

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