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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
26th February 2011


'Goofer Dust' is the second album released by The Loving Cup, a precursor to their third album due which will be released in summer 2011 and for those not familiar with their music, is quite simply a stunning collection of country and blues Americana. From a band hailing from Wales!

With a growing reputation for their fantastic live performances and playing what's best described as 'feel good' Southern Boogie Rock, The Loving Cup have their influences firmly based in the deep south, dipping their toes into a wisp of country but always letting their inherent rock and roll roots run to the fore.

Bursting out of the speakers with some delicious slide guitar, they swing into opener 'Deadman Jump', a track oozing with infectious hooks, melodies and swagger, and if that doesn't get you grooving then 'Blood On The Sidewalk' and 'Sometimes' certainly will. You can almost hear the cowboy boots clicking in time on the dance floor, the sweet aroma of Southern Comfort and Jack Daniels filling the air.

'Waiting For My Luck To Change' and 'Troubles Weigh Me Down' are wistful little numbers that stray into a slow tempo country groove, their downbeat lyrics brought to life by the rich vocals of John Livesey.

The blues sodden 'Candyman' is simply a delight, soulful and ridiculously catchy with a wicked glint in its eye, whilst 'Ain't No Doubt' switches up its rock n roll rhythm, instantly getting feet tapping and bodies swaying.

Fusing hints of Steve Earle, The Eagles and early Black Crowes with a soupcon of Skynard thrown in for good measure, The Loving Cup smile, move, stomp and groove in easy fashion throughout and leave us in fine style, closing track 'Life Ain't Easy' kicking its heels up with gusto, pounding boogie beats driving a mesh of riffs and harmonica.

'Goofer Dust' is an absolutely barnstorming album, a musical rollercoaster ride of infectious charm, sadness and passion through the southern states and if the next album is anywhere near as good as this one, it's definitely not to be missed. Quite wonderful.


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