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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
2nd March 2011


'Sane and Insanity' is the seventh release from Sweden's top rockers M.ill.ion, a fine looking and very fine playing five piece Gothenburg based band and this 13 track album, whilst staying true to their own identity, pays homage to the huge melodic metal monsters of the 80s & 90s when axe wielding, leather clad, long haired stadium rock was at its greatest.

'Sea Of Fate' provides an atmospheric little intro before they kick into 'Cry To Heaven', a real sing-a-long number packed full of huge riffs from guitarist Andreas Grovle and soaring vocals from Ulrich Carlsson but things really get moving when they stomp through the speakers with 'Everyday Hero'. This uplifting, up tempo song rampages and races along at a fierce pace, raging guitars and keyboards weaving over a backbone of some blistering drumming from sticksman Per Westergren.

'Tomorrow Never Dies' and 'I Raise My Glass' platform the band's stadium rock influences within their music, tilting towards Whitesnake, Motley Crue, The Scorpions and Dio. They can really belt out these great anthemic tunes with consummate ease. They may not have quite got their 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' classic yet, but with this album they're getting seriously close!

Title track 'Sane And Insanity' and 'Hell's Gate' see a harder, grittier edge from the band, wringing some wonderfully impassioned vocals from Carlsson. Damn, this boy has an absolutely classic rock voice and can scream with the best of them!

'Fuel To My Heart' sees some lovely melodic keyboards rising up through the guitars then 'Drama Queens' and 'Hate' pump up through the gears again, leaving us with the punchy and highly infectious 'Seize The Day'.

This is a cracking album stacked full of big attitude, stomping riffs and huge chunks of hard melodic rock and is guaranteed to win them plenty of new fans. Now all we need is a tour because I bet they're stunning live!

Release Date: March 28th 2011


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