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November 2012

tony mottram

Classic rock n' roll cock up of the 80s

I was comissioned by Sounds to shoot for an article and another muso mag Soundcheck needed a fresh cover shot so the PR's for AC/DC asked if I could add this into the schedule.

Of course, if it's worth £s I thought and decided to take a small studio light for the colour cover shot.

As I boarded the train up to Diss Norfolk at Liverpool Street Station, London, suddenly another photographer that had done a fair amount of work with the band showed up 'giving it large' that they were his band and he did all their British photography!

"Bollocks to that", I told him, that's why the Mmag wanted me, a fresh set of eyes, to do this job! Also I had another shoot other than Sounds to do and had lights!

The argument ensued as the whistles were blowing and the porter was waving his flag. I won, and off he went with his tail between his legs!

Thank goodness for bars on trains!

When I arrived at the rehearsal castle and asked where to set up the lights and can I shoot the Sounds images on the roof, no-one seemed to know anything about the two shoots and the band didn't seem to be bothered about any of the photos! Typical!!!

One of the hardest shoots, struggling to get any motivation from Angus or the band, but yes, I pulled it off in the minimum of time, Angus with his SG for Soundcheck in 24 frames on a Hasselblad camera, a rapid group shot of the most disinterested group of pro musicians I'd met to that date, in less than 36 frames of 35mm film.

Then how I managed to get the guys onto the roof maybe only can be understood by the presence of Brian's air rifle which as you can see was fully loaded and yes the shot of it stuck in my lens will arrive very soon!

Now, was a phone call made to Norfolk by a miffed London photographer?! Eh... ROCK N' ROLL!



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