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February 2013

tony mottram

Hi there people in MetalTalk land. It's been a tough old start to the new year in these parts and I've been having to rewash unstick and restore some of my old 10x8s thanks to an over friendly cat marking it's territory!

The Kiss off stage shot was in Madrid on the Lick It Up Tour when the band had decided to lose their trademark makeup!

After getting on so well with the band members, Paul Stanley requested me to shoot the Edinburgh show for pictures in the US Tour programme.

I was summoned to the Hyde Park Hilton and ushered into Paul's room where he lay topless on his bed having breakfast and complaing his bacon was not crispy enough!

When we got round to negotiating the job and fee Paul asked me my rates, so as we were having a conference call with the Kiss NY office I asked what they were offering? Paul, after talking to the US office, said they were offering a grand so my reply was pounds not dollars! Ha ha, yep they agreed! First time I was on £1000 job plus flights up and down to Scotland and all expences! Well that was the Eighties!

The live shot was from the Edinburgh shoot where the show was choreographed for the shot Kiss wanted for the US Tour programme All the band on the Tank drum riser this is one of the B/W's I was allowed to use for Sounds.

The hotel shot is just an example of Life on the road with a journalist collegue Jay Williams and I plundering Phonogram Records Press Officer Bernadette Coyles room and Champagne! I remember it was Newcastle! But have no idea which band!!

Shot on the trusty old Canon Sureshot on self timer!

Yes the 80s!!!!!




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