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Well 'ello for December 11/12/13 well!! Today's date is a good one to confuse!!

If you`d like to see a Christmas shot, scroll back to December 2011 if you didn't see it before.

I hope you all rocked 2013 like you should have and stuff out on the 25th!

2014 is gonna be good, what with Maiden and Metallica at Sonisphere Knebworth and more names being linked with Download! I just hope we get a summer in the UK 2014.

After doing Planet Rockstock (for a day) I had to go through my files of pictures for Accept images for the 30th Anniversary of the 'Balls To The Wall' LP release to be used in Iron Fist Mag.

So numbers have featured high in this month and I found this Twisted Sister shot/s from a Marquee show which was reviewed in SOUNDS magazine.

This image was a pure fluke, due to damp film and a less than fully charged motor drive on my camera, so when I processed the film amd saw this multiple image. It was good luck I had a 5"x4" enlarger and when it was delivered to SOUNDS it went down well and they thought it was another of my arty ideas!

So a month or so ago I was at a Trevor Burton (Ex Move, Pink Fairies etc) gig and I decided to multiply the images to make one shot, as nowadays with digital cameras you often end up with more than enough necessary frames.

As Henri Cartier Bresson, one of the world's greatest photographers, said there is such a thing as the "DECISIVE" moment, to instinctively know the moment to click the camera! Any budding photographers, I hope you take note, from the masters!

Merry Christmas and 'Appy New Year!




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