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tony mottram

2014 has started very positively! It feels like it's gonna be good!

Maiden and Metallica at Sonisphere, Blackberry Smoke gigs in the UK, Frantic Four back on the road and the Toseland album due!! Just for starters!!

The 30th anniversary of Accept's 'Balls To The Wall' - how good did that Guitar Hero game turn out to be!

The photo of Wolf Hoffman was shot in Lyon France for a Sounds magazine cover when 'Balls To The Wall' was released and started a great few years of work with the band and manager Gabi, through some sad line up changes but still working with Udo during his solo career.

While re sorting my photo files some gems do just turn up at the bottom of boxes and envelopes. This Pete Way and nicely pasty Ozzy shot I remember shooting back stage at the Hammersmith Odeon. I think it was an Ozzy gig but I also remember shooting Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy from The Cult with Ozzy the same night.

I wish Pete Way well. Him and Lemmy have hung in there rather well eh? The life style we led in the eighties... "hic"...

Then the Chrome Molly shot taken for Metal Hammer at their manager Paul Loadsby's apartment just happened to drop out of a file sheet the week after I bumped into the band supporting Toseland and last week I had to deliver the Toseland album photos to Steve Hawkins, vocals and design company owner. Small world. Coincidences?

New Year's resolution - ROCK IT UP!




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