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tony mottram

Marching forward in 2014! Things seem to be looking up!

I had a request for Scorpions images and it was a chore and rather interesting to go through my negative and transparency files.

I am this year getting seriously involved in re-filing and digitising my archive, but the chore is cleaning up the scans, after the original images have been around to magazines and agencies over the years and treated with a little less respect than they deserved!

While looking through my files, I realised that for the past 35 plus years I have been photographing planks of wood and the players holding them and the environment they are in! Ha!

I had to relay this to up and coming blues rock Player Geoff Carne when he pulled out his new fantastic all white Gibson Flying V at the Music Up studio. I must say it is great to work with new artists, as well as established bands.

Do look out for a few acts I have worked with this year, Toseland, Reap, Louis Coup's The Rooz and Geoff of course. Some might not float your boat but new and live music featuring loud planks of wood does it for me.

So V to the unbelievers!

Oh yeah! It is Donny Osmond with Scorpion Klaus and Phil from Def Leppard! Ha! at the MTV Europe Launch party in Amsterdam!





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