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nando souza

An ESL teacher, translator and a frustrated bass player. But above all, a rock music lover.

Nando is's Brazilian correspondent. Keep checking back for more features from Rio...

18 December 2014: Iron Maiden To Release New Album In Early 2015
26 August 2014: Syren Launch Die In Paradise Beer
13 May 2014: Renato Tribuzy And Roy Z Working Together Again
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18 March 2014: Eric Martin And Jeff Scott Soto: Live In Rio
4 March 2014: Interview With Eric Martin And Jeff Scott Soto
6 February 2014: Lessons From Bruce Dickinson
5 February 2014: Unisonic To Release New Album In The First Half Of 2014
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26 November 2013: Helloween Singer Andi Deris Launches Bad Bankers Project
30 January 2013: Iron Maiden At Rio's Carnival
22 January 2013: "He's Still Not Able To Do It" – Deris Calls Kiske A Liar
24 December 2012: Best Of 2012
20 December 2012: Nabataea, A New Classic Born?
8 October 2012: Jeff Scott Soto In 'How To Make The Perfect Caipiroska While Doing A Video Interview'
16 July 2012: Can You Feel The Pain?
4 June 2012: Is It The End For Angra?
22 May 2012: A Myth + A Hero = Unisonic: Exclusive Kai Hansen Interview Unisonic Live in São Paulo, May 18th 2012
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6 January 2012: Metal Open Air 2012
22 December 2011: Matanza: The First Countrycore Band
8 August 2011: Bruce Dickinson's 'Skunkworks': Underrated?
18 July 2011: Mr Big Live In São Paulo
4 July 2011: Syren, With a 'Y'
25 June 2011: Coldblood: When Heavy Is Not Enough
19 April 2011: Roadie For A Day
6 April 2011: Ooops... Maiden Did It Again!


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