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Nando Souza

25th June 2011

nando souza

Formed in January 1992 by Allan Silva, Vitor Esteves and M Kult, Coldblood appeared in the underground scene of Rio de Janeiro with the second generation of Death Metal bands with the intention of playing a sound influenced by the great names of the style such as Possessed, Venom, Sodom and Bolt Thrower.

In the same year, the band released their first demo tape called 'Terror Stench', which had an excellent reception from the public and the specialized media and the band began touring to promote their work in the Brazilian scene.

Due to instabilities in their line up, the band's second demo, '...And It Comes The Winter', was launched in 2000 with Gustavo Sazes on the guitar. The main characteristic of this demo is its faster and more brutal sound as compared to their first. And in 2004, the original line-up was back together to release the excellent EP 'New Black God'.

As a result of their efforts, the band finally signed, in 2005, a record deal with Mexican Onslaught Rec to release their first album, the ten track 'Under The Blade I Die' which was majorly influenced by Morbid Angel, Deicide, Death and Massacre, among others.

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We can also notice a certain influence of bands such as Destruction and Slayer in some parts, but the good old Death Metal is predominant in this album. Because of contractual reasons, this album was only released in Brazil in 2007 through a partnership formed by Freemind and Distro Rock Prod. Rec. The work was highly regarded by critics who identified, as previously mentioned here, the same influences from the 80s that the band had carried through the decade before.

In 2008, Coldblood went, once again, through a makeover in their line-up.  Artur Cirio (Vulgar) replaced Allan Silva as the frontman and Julio Latorraca joined on guitars. The group, then traditionally formed as a trio, became a quartet, which gave the sound an even more latent aggression and depth.

The band then performed concerts to promote their album throughout the country joining great names of the Death Metal world - Cannibal Corpse (USA), Master (Czech Republic) and Onslaught (England) - and prepared themselves to go on their first international tour, the South American tour called 'Under The South American Tour I Die', playing in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

However, the band then faced big difficulties. Vitor Esteves decided to leave right before the tour and in a demonstration of great professionalism and will, rookie Julio Latorraca joined the band so that they could honor their commitments and make their name known beyond Brazilian borders.

After touring, bassist Alexandre Kaffer, an experienced musician in the national underground scene with stints in bands like Darkest Hate, Mysteriis and Warfront, joined Coldblood as bass player.

Today, with a finally consolidated line up, the band is in the final production stage of their EP 'The Other Gods' which contains five new songs and the first three demos as bonus tracks. They are also writing their new album, which is due in 2012 and will herald in a new phase for the band with the same influences that inspired them in 92. The band are aiming to write their name in the history of the underground, building a solid and successful career.

The new EP 'The Other Gods' will also have the following video as a bonus:

A pre-demo of the title track can also be listened to here:

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