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Nando Souza

4th July 2011

nando souza

Luiz Syren has been rocking the underground Metal scene of Rio for a little more than 15 years. Jeez, I hate to mention numbers like that, makes me realize I'm getting old!

I met Luiz sometime in this 15 years period and he's been a good friend since then. And no, before you even bother asking me that, he's not paying me a quid to write this article. On the contrary, I begged him quite a few times to send me some material for this article.


Syren, with a 'Y', is his nickname. And no, it's not a mere coincidence. Luiz can sound like the real Air Raid Siren when he wants to. And because of that he fronted the best Iron Maiden cover band in Rio de Janeiro.

I remember they played a gig at EMI's party just before Rock in Rio 3. Janick Gers and Dave Murray were there to see Luiz singing. Sorry for the bad joke, they were probably there because of contractual reasons and good beer.

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I could keep writing about Luiz' past bands (you must check 'Atlantida', though) or keep writing about the funny stories I've had with him, but that's not the purpose of this article. This article is all about Syren, just Syren, Syren with a 'Y'.

How many new Metal bands are emerging right now? Probably thousands, good and bad... but one thing is certain: in this vast musical universe it is not easy to be noticed if you do not have the formula, the differential, that 'something else' always connected to a simple but rare thing: TALENT, and that's exactly what Syren has to show.


These Metal bastards were born to spread their musical essence by mixing the new and old Metal school, giving voice to a single work that surely will sound unique to the ears of all generations of fans.

Led by their singer Luiz Syren, the line up follows with D Arawnn (guitar), B Arawnn (guitar) Bruno Coe (bass) and M Kult (drums, Coldblood).


Syren's music explores melody and aggression, focusing on the powerful vocal range of Luiz, who explores various vocal dynamics, guitars full of punch and heavy riffs, mixed with excellent drumming, rich on double bass, by M Kult (Coldblood) and powerful bass lines.

A few years ago, my friend Roy Z (Tribe Of Gypsies, Bruce Dickinson, Halford) was here in Rio, and one day we were sitting on one of those kiosks by the beach at around 2.00am talking about music and Roy turned to Luiz and said: "Luiz, your new project sounds fantastic!" This project that Roy was talking about is what you today will know as Syren and the album title is simply HEAVY METAL.


If Roy Z's endorsement is not enough, Luiz has got some more. Ark, most famous for being the former band of Jorn Lande, sent an email to Luiz saying: "Great music. I loved the vocals, great atmosphere à la Bruce Dickinson! The guitars are also great and worked amazingly. It's great to hear a new band able to keep as much quality in their songs.

"Stay strong in Metal and spread your music. Hugs from Norway."

Johnny Forslund, promoter for Sweden Metal Music Entertainment, said: "I will listen to the songs again, but from now I can say that Syren will be very soon, the band of the moment..."


The year of 2011 brought a range of new opportunities for Syren starting with the 20 show South American tour that will soon hit Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. It is also the very first time that this new killer line up will play live together. And they have come to conquer every corner of the globe.

After the release of 'HEAVY METAL' in 2011, the band will enter the studio to record an EP. There is no rest for these energetic Metalheads.

There is no turning back. The 'Brazilian Metal Bastards' have came to rock!

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