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Nando Souza
6th January 2012

nando souza

For the past two years there has been speculation about a Brazilian Wacken. Talks between local promoters and Wacken organisers had indeed happened, but eventually failed. Negri Productions and CKConcerts then had the brilliant idea of creating a 100% Brazilian production: Metal Open Air (M.O.A).

moa 2012

M.O.A. will happen in April in the city of São Luis, capital of the state of Maranhão in the northeast region of Brazil. São Luis, the only Brazilian state capital founded by France, has a population of around one million citizens, among them several artists important to Brazilian culture. Click here to learn more about this amazing city.

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You might think why this big festival, which has the potential to become as important to Brazil as Wacken is to Germany, isn't happening in the biggest Brazilian cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Curitiba?

São Luis was chosen because it is celebrating the 400 anniversary of its foundation in 2012. Local partners have guaranteed top level infrastructure, the touristic sites are amazing and on top of that the people from the northeast of Brazil deserve such a huge festival. They have been extremely loyal to local concerts and they are the ones who have to travel thousands of kilometres to attend big festivals in other states.

Their time has come and now they have their very own festival, which will also very likely attract the people from the big cities.

M.O.A will cast twenty Brazilian bands, among them Andre Matos, Shaman and Korzus who have already been confirmed. There are still six Brazilian bands to be announced. As for the international cast, Anthrax, Blind Guardian and Grave Digger have been confirmed for a while now, and as an end of year gift, the festival announced that Dio Disciples will also be sharing the stage with them. Ten more internationals bands are still to be announced.

moa 2012


The Parque da Independência (Independence Park) in São Luís, is where one of the largest agricultural events in the country takes place. From now on, it will be known as the Metal Park.

The site has ample structure to accommodate the festival, with capacity for 80,000 people daily. The location is prime, just twenty minutes away from the International Airport.

There are also two areas for camping, an outdoor one with capacity for 3000 tents and an indoor one for 600 tents. The 'Camping Passport' gives the right for a space for one tent. Tickets are per person and not per tent. If you'd like to camp with friends or family, each one must have a 'Camping Passport'.

moa 2012


Metal is also culture, so if you are coming from abroad to attend the festival, why not extending your stay for a few more days to get to know the region a little bit better.

The state of Maranhão has the privilege of owning, due to its exuberant mix of geographical aspects, the greatest diversity of ecosystems around the country. There are 640km of tropical beaches, Amazon Forest, savannahs, mangroves, a delta in the open sea and the only desert in the world with thousands of crystal clear lagoons composing a state that is still being discovered and appreciated worldwide. There are also many historical buildings as well as important museums worth visiting.

For more details about the festival and how to get tickets, there's a chat channel here and you can also try any of these websites:

Metal Open Air:
Negri Concerts:
CK Concerts:



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