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Nando Souza
6th February 2012

nando souza

The last time I met Renato Tribuzy we were both going to a very cold São Paulo to meet a common friend, and fellow columnist, Chris Dale.

moa 2012

He was coming to Brazil for the first time since the 'Execution' tour when the 'Execution Live DVD' was filmed. Chris was now in town with Mr Big and he had invited us to come see him and catch up after all those years.

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That was last July and at that time I told Renato, "I'm going to interview you for," to which he totally agreed and added, "Sure! It's been a long time since I've given an interview."

Well days passed, even months... we were so busy that we couldn't find time to do it and we kind of forgot about it. But then...

Two weeks ago I met him again, and it was the perfect place to meet him... a music venue! And a venue where he would sing a few songs! His first live appearance in four years and he admitted. "I've been off the stage, but not out of the music business. I've been pretty busy producing bands, producing a musical play and managing a few artists."


Renato was there to participate in a party called 'For Those About To Rock' and he would sing a few songs with 'Highway Starzs,' which is not a proper band, but lots of local musicians gathered to have fun. The man behind this party was Vitor Araujo.

Vitor used to own a great record shop specializing in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal called 'On Stage.' All the people from my generation used to shop there and Renato even worked there! We were teenagers then and most of the people in today's (Metal) underground scene of Rio have known each other from those days. Many of them have become musicians (including Renato and Luiz Syren who you can check out by clicking here. Others, like me, have simply stuck around as fans, but mainly and most importantly, as friends.

"I couldn't have said no", (to Vitor's invitation) Renato says. "There were too many friends together, Mario Linhares (Dark Avenger), who is a hell of a singer, was coming all the way from Brasília to participate."

When I questioned him about being afraid of what his voice would sound like after such long hiatus, he didn't seem to care much. "I always scream a little bit here and there (laughs), I know my voice is still OK."

On that night Renato sang 'Beast In The Light' with long time friend Luiz Syren doing Bruce Dickinson's part. "I don't know anybody who can do Bruce's part as well as Luiz, except for Bruce himself of course."

Luiz was caught by surprise! He didn't even know he'd be singing that song tonight. He was originally invited by Vitor to sing just one Pantera song! Then he asked me: "Nando, lend me your phone, I must learn the bloody song, I'm getting on stage with Renato soon."

It was quite funny, and they had lots of fun as you can watch on the video here.

'Beast In The Light' was not Renato's only surprise for Luiz. After it, he announced they would play Helloween's 'I Want Out,' and so they did. Mistakes were made, but who cared? They were clearly having fun on stage and so were we in the audience.

After that Luiz left the stage, but Renato didn't. He was enjoying the whole thing. He called his good friend Jessica Dannemann to join him on stage to sing Iron Maiden's 'The Evil That Men Do' and after that it was time for Vitor to replace Jessica and sing with Renato. Sorry, but I don't remember which song they played, I must be getting old or something...

As I mentioned before, Renato Tribuzy had been off stage because he'd been too involved with bands, production and management. Two bands that he produced deserve some attention: Painside and Dreadnox, both from Rio de Janeiro.

"They have a great future ahead of them. They have the potential to hit the international market if given the proper artistic guidance," he says. Renato was also involved with the production of a musical play, 'Por Uma Noite – Um Sonho nos Bastidores da Broadway'.

"I was invited by 'Dannemann Produções'. It was very exciting because I had never done anything like that before. Everything was new to me. I had to record and produce 27 songs taken from Broadway plays as well as record teasers for commercials. The whole production part took a year to be completed. After that, the play stayed another year on a Rio theatre. I enjoyed it so much, that I wouldn't think too much about accepting another proposal like this."

What about a new Tribuzy album? Well, it's being recorded as I write this article. According to Renato, the drums and rhythm guitars have already been recorded. The bass parts have started but not finished yet. The rest of the album will be finished after Carnival when he also hopes to hit the stages with his band once again.

"It's being recorded at 'FullSound Studio', one of the best studios in Brazil," he says, "It's where I recorded all the albums I've produced and all of them sound amazing, so why not record my album there? The album already has a title, but cannot be revealed at the moment.


You might be wondering whether the album will feature any special guests? Well Renato says that he hasn't talked with anyone about this. Having special guests is not his priority although he still keeps in touch with some of them.

"I've kept in touch with all the special guests that recorded my first album and many have become good friends of mine. In fact I talked with Roland Grapow on the phone last night."

Back in 2004, Renato had just finished recording his first solo album 'Execution' and before it was released he already had a home made demo tape with four or five tracks of what would be his next album. He showed them to me once and I remember it like it was today. I remember that my mouth dropped open because those songs were fantastic and in my humble opinion, better than anything on 'Execution'.

When I mentioned this to him and asked if those songs still existed and if they were going to make the new album, he was surprised: "Oh, you still remember that day? Damn, so, those songs were really good, huh? Cool! Well, I'm glad to say that you know four of the songs off the new album, then. Not many people have heard them, you are a lucky guy! (laughs)"

Renato is a workaholic, but he still finds time to listen to music and discover new things. "I listen to a lot of stuff. I'm now producing an artist called Leo Von, son of legendary Brazilian singer Ronnie Von. Leo came to my house the other day and played me old recordings of his father. The recordings were very progressive and psychedelic, very, very impressive, in a good way, I mean.

"I had never heard anything like that before, and what surprised me the most is the fact that the recordings were very old. It was cool to know that people had those ideas back in those days."

When questioned if he likes any of today's bands or if something still catches his attention, he said that he still listens to and follows all the bands he's always liked. He bought the new Megadeth album and is waiting (very anxiously) for the debut album of Unisonic. "“I can't wait to see Master Kiske in action once again."



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