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On May 24, was the first non-Brazilian Metal site to publish Edu Falaschi's resignation letter in which he explained why he had chosen to quit Angra for good.

You can read the original article by clicking here. Later on that day, Felipe Andreoli (Angra's bass player) also published an open letter on his official website saying that he was also leaving Almah (Edu Falaschi's solo project/band).


"I started playing with Edu in 2001, when I joined Angra. We achieved great things, we got to explore the world together, went through the best and worst things imaginable together. A great friendship blossomed, and with it a unity, a harmony. Over the years, this friendship has survived the most diverse situations, but like any relationship, suffered an inevitable wear. The facts do not matter now (...)

Article continues below...

"The legacy of Almah in my life will always be the friendship, good atmosphere, and the great music that we made. And because I want to preserve those memories, I feel it's time to go. To my friends, all the luck! Be sure you can always count on me (...)

"At the same time Edu leaves Angra. Much has happened in recent years, and especially in recent months, culminating in this day. It is a very sad day, of profound changes in our careers, but at the same time is the beginning of a necessary and welcome renewal. Life happens in cycles, and I think it is a mistake to stick to the past and prevent new paths to be traced. Music as art depends a lot on passion, an almost unhealthy dedication, and a good mood to be created. Therefore, it makes sense that when this is no longer happening, maybe it's time to stop and seek different trails, even if at that moment everything seems hazy, uncertain. For a great talent there will always be a way. Thank you, Edu, for the years we've spent together!" (...)

Much has been said about Angra in the past year. Many people have alleged that the band was no longer together even before the Rock in Rio Festival 2011 Edition, in which they played (allegedly) for contractual reasons only. What a fiasco that gig was! The worst show of the festival for sure. It was likely to have been Edu's worst live performance ever! If you don't believe in me, you can check with your own eyes and ears:

After the show, the band said they had many technical problems during the performance, including lack of PA return and in Edu's case a faulty ear monitor system, hence his poor performance. Faulty PA system and ear monitor? Really? If that was the case, why didn't Tarja Turunen have the same problems when she hit the stage to sing with them?

Ha! Gotcha!

So was it only a bad day for Edu, or was he in a "fuck everybody, I'm sick and tired of all this" kind of mood?

After receiving a lot of criticism by the specialized media and fans and trying to defend themselves with the above mentioned without much success, Edu announced that the band was going to enter a hiatus. His announcement was considered to be another bomb.

"Anyway, I made a decision, thinking solely in my voice health and the integrity of my career, which I have built with so much struggle and dedication. (...) I will stop indefinitely to finally rest and be able to treat my health. However, I'd like to point out that, from today, I'll just sing what is in my natural voice range, this being in Angra or any other band, for my own good! I want to be who I really am, instead of being what people want me to be! (...)

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the fans who have always supported me and defend me unconditionally! I will always do my best singing and composing for you and good music, with all my truth and emotion! This is the first step towards a new phase in my life! I have confidence in the future, and will always be a passionate musical style to fuck over the world, the Heavy Metal! (...)

"As much as I like high notes vocals in Heavy Metal, I also like more 'masculine' vocals. And we all have to agree that nobody should do something that does harm to their own health." (...)

What the fuck? Did he just say that Metal singers are sissies? Did he also say he won't sing any high notes songs anymore? Was he aware that all Angra classics do have very high singing notes? Food for thought...

Edu Opens His Mouth Again – Another Bombastic Revelation


A couple of months after Rock In Rio (and during Edu's so called hiatus), he went on stage with Almah and again things didn't happen as planned. Apparently very few people (around 300) attended the gig, fact which made Edu furious. And if being furious was not enough, he went live on TV and said this:

Ok, it's in Portuguese, I know... Sorry! That's why I'll try to summarize what he said.

"The Brazilian people overestimate international bands and because of this their shows are all sold out, while Brazilian bands invest a lot of money and structure to see their shows with less than 1000 people (on average). We recorded CDs for you and you do not go to concerts.

"Do not say you love me on social networks, I do not need compliments, you have to buy the CD and go to concerts. Andre Matos' new project, Symfonia, played recently in Sao Paulo for 100 people only.

"This is the death of Brazilian Metal. It's a shame to have 300 people here. It's a shame to have 100 people at Andre Matos' gig. It's a shame to have 300, 200 people in Sepultura's gig in Curitiba... If I give a birthday party, more people will show up.

"I have travelled around the world and saw that people from other countries give prestige to their Metal bands, while in Brazil we only have Angra and Sepultura.

"Local producers charge absurd prices and the public pay for it. They have also invented the so called VIP area to extort more money from you."

Edu's image is burned in Brazil after all of this. My humble opinion is that he needs to shut up, disappear for a while and show up again with a VERY good Metal album.

As for Angra, well... They have a name. They still have an international market, especially in Japan and certain European countries. So an 'Angra is back with John Doe on vocals!' kind of marketing strategy seems reasonable.

They will keep selling albums. Music is business, unfortunately. However, I don't see Andre Matos re-joining them (sorry!). That would be killer, but it's not happening. He has just joined Viper, his first band, for the same reasons.



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