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Power Metal legends Helloween have unleashed their new video, 'Nabataea'. It's all Egyptian-ish and pretty awesome!

According to the band, the video is "a seven minute-plus composition about the legendary kingdom, located in today's Middle East, where the first real democracy existed over 3000 years ago, develops on several levels, including 3-D animation at motion picture level. The secret Nabatean city, Petra, only discovered last century, is the backdrop for many myths and legends, and here it provides the ideal subject matter for a set of lyrics far removed from the rock n' roll norm."

Singer Andi Deris was inspired to write the song during a holiday.

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Heavy Metal bands love to write songs about history and myths and they are pretty good in doing so. For no obvious reasons, these songs all become instant classics.

Ancient Egypt is always a good inspiration and bands like to play with our imagination. See Iron Maiden's 'Powerslave', 'Creeping Death' by Metallica - about the Israelite's Exodus from Egypt, Nightwish's 'Tutankhamon', Mercyful Fate's 'Curse Of The Pharoahs' and Symphony X's 'Pharaoh', just to name a few.


Ok, let me be honest with you. I have no bloody idea of why bands write about ancient history. They could very well write about the future, couldn't they? Oh, Maiden has already done it! My fault, sorry!

So, they write just for the sake of it. Or simply because they all have a rich culture, they are all very intelligent and well educated people. Yeah, I guess I like this explanation better.

Heavy Metal is culture! And we, fans, should be grateful that our favourite bands do us a favour by writing meaningful songs about interesting subjects. I guess if many people stopped to read what Heavy Metal bands write about, a lot of prejudice towards the sound would be lost.


Maybe not for English speaking countries, but for non-English speakers, who are caught by the melodies and or rhythm instead of the lyrics. How many times have I heard, here in Brazil, the question: "Are you a Heavy Metal fan? How can you cope with all that noise?"

And then I answer: "But, have you stopped to pay attention on what they are singing about?" And then the conversation goes: "Sing, do you call it singing? I can only hear screams..." And that's the time I give up!

Would you like to know more about Nabataea? If so, click here.



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