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"Kiske did one big mistake. He told everybody out there that he hates Metal. To go onstage with Helloween, and Helloween is a Metal band, would mean that he lied." – said singer Andi Deris to Louis Eustache and Grégoire Nadji from Rock One Radio, Paris when asked if he thought Michael Kiske could sing with Helloween in a hypothetical reunion.

The question came in an interview in which Andi talked most of the time about Helloween's newest album, 'Straight Out Of Hell', which is out today (January 21st, 2013), but when questioned about the new tour with Gamma Ray (Hellish Tour 2) he left it very clear that it's not a Unisonic tour with Helloween, it's a Gamma Ray and Helloween tour. Then he said the above.

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The interviewer added that Kiske had admitted to making a mistake by saying that and Deris said he really hoped so and let it slip that he would let him know better next year. Then he smiled and stuck his tongue out.

After that he stated that Helloween still have ten/fifteen years ahead of them and during these years he would like to have them all (ex Helloween members) on stage to sing the last two or three songs of the set dedicated to Ingo (Schwichtenberg, original Helloween drummer who killed himself in 1995) and this would be his little secret dream.

"You never know... I can't do anything else but ask. We are ready; we would do it because the people would definitely love it!"

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As Andi said, "You never know..."

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And here's the Andi Deris interview in full...



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