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iron maiden

We all know that Samba and Heavy Metal don't mix but somehow Iron Maiden will be part of the, according to Cariocas, world's biggest popular party: Carnival! Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, a samba school from the west zone of Rio will be responsible for this.

As you may know, Rio's carnival consists of several (so called) 'Samba Schools' and each school shows their samba based on different themes each year. They practice and often perform in huge square-compounds ('quadras de samba') devoted to practicing and exhibiting samba, an African-Brazilian dance. The schools are traditionally associated with a particular neighborhood, often shanty towns.

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Throughout the year the samba schools have various happenings and events, most important of which are rehearsals for the main event which is the yearly carnival.

The parades during carnival are a showcase of each school enhanced by the participation of celebrities, fans and guests who often pay large sums of money for their costumes. Each school displays glamour in colorful costumes and floats with special effects and is organized into different segments or 'alas'.

The 'alas' represent different components of the school's theme as they act out a homage to a myth, historic event or figure, or express their view on a social, environmental or international issue.

iron maiden

As you may have heard, Rock in Rio will be back to its birth place this year and Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguelhas decided to use this event as a Samba theme for 2013. The parade will tell the story of the event since its first edition in 1985.

And Eddie, Maiden's famous mascot, will be present at his best!

The school will be the fifth to parade at the Sambadrome on Sunday (February 10) and it will tell the story of the greatest music festival held in Brazil, Rock in Rio. And for this, it will show a series of idols of all music styles that have already performed at the festival.

The school promises to "perform a perfect marriage of guitars and drums and make the rock fall into samba."

Rock in Rio 2013 is happening is September and they have already confirmed Metallica, Iron Maiden, Bruce Springsteen, Alice in Chains, Sepultura, Slayer, Muse and Avenged Sevenfold.



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