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Unisonic, the band featuring former Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske with Kai Hansen alongside guitarist Mandy Meyer (Asia, Gotthard and Krokus), bassist Dennis Ward and drummer Kosta Zafiriou (both of Germany's Pink Cream 69) are back in the studio as we can see in the picture above.

Last year the band announced that 2012 was an eventful and successful year for them: "We released our debut CD and did the first tour, leading us to many countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. The feedback on the CD and the live shows was phenomenal and we want to thank you all from the deepest of our hearts for your support!"

They also said that "2013 will be a more silent year for us. Besides working with our other bands and projects, be sure that we will use the time to write and record a new Unisonic album!

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Touring together for the first time and your overwhelming reactions glued us together as a band, and we can't wait to canalize all these impressions into a powerful and melodic Metal album, to be released in early 2014!"

Recently Mandy and Kosta answered fan's questions on the band's fan club website. Some of those questions were:

Unisonic Fanclub: Can you please give us an update what are you planning right now for Unisonic or what else are you doing in the near future?

Kosta: "We officially started the production for the second album in January. We will soon announce the exact release date for the album."


Unisonic Fanclub: Dennis already commented that he wrote several songs for the next Unisonic album and Kiske wrote at least three. Did you write anything yet? Can you tell us something about the style?

Mandy: "Until now, I have composed four new song ideas for Unisonic. Each of us adds ideas for melodies, solo parts, middle parts, intros, outros, etc. After the first pre-production session, which has initially taken place in January, we can say that Unisonic was very creative and efficient. We worked at seven new songs in Hofastudio in Karlsdorf. At the end of January the second pre-production session starts, where we will work on another 7-10 songs."

Unisonic Fanclub: As Kai is busy with Gamma Ray until April, do you think that an EP release before July and an album release around November is more possible than a summer release for the album?

Mandy: "Our goal is to release the CD in the first half of 2014. We should not have a problem to do this. We have Dennis (Fast as Lightning) Ward on board. Hehe."

Click here for Mandy in the studio video...

While Unisonic are still in the studio preparing something special, the fans can already count the days to seem them live. A few shows have now been confirmed. Please, check the dates below:

July 12: Germany, Balingen - Bang Your Head
July 13: Czech Republic, Vitzovice - Masters Of Rock
August 1: Sweden, Rejmyre - Skogsrojet
August 9: Spain, Allicante - Leyendasdel Rock



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