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Dreadnox, a band based in Rio De Janeiro will release their third album, 'The Hero Inside', next July.

The album was produced by Brazilian Metal legend Renato Tribuzy, who also produced the band's second album, 'Dance Of Ignorance', in 2010.

Renato invited his long-time friend Roy Z (Tribe Of Gypsies, Bruce Dickinson, Halford) to mix the album. Renato says: "I was very happy to be invited by Dreadnox to produce their new album. I had already worked with them, but I can say that this new album is a stronger album that brings more mature and direct songs. I suggested them to invite my big brother Roy Z, who is one of the biggest and most important names in the market, to do the mixing this time. Luckily, Roy liked the idea and agreed to do it."

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"We love the work that Roy Z did on the Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford albums and having the opportunity to have our work being mixed by him is really a pride for all of us. We are sure that the sound quality of the album will be the best possible", says bassist Dead Montana.

Roy Z has already got the material on his hands and he is expected to start working on it anytime soon.

You can check out the band performing the title track from their previous album, 'Dance Of Ignorance', during the Rock Hero Event in Rio in 2012:

The band has also produced three short videos on the making of of 'The Hero Inside'. Here you can watch the second one, narrated by Renato Tribuzy himself (in Portugese):

As for Tribuzy’s new album, it is still a mystery when it's coming out. What I can tell you is that a few tracks have already been recorded. Renato personally told me a couple of months ago: "Now I understand what Roy has always told me. We are so busy doing other people's albums that we don't have time for making ours."

Besides producing local bands, Renato has his own company called ART Entretenimento specialising in booking, management and production. Want to work with him? Send him an email at:



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