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iron maiden

Rumours that a new Iron Maiden album will be released in 2015 started to spread around last October, but if you put the pieces together you will see that there is much more to it than just rumours.

The first piece of the puzzle was when Nicko and Adrian were seen together watching a tennis tournament at Roland Garros, Paris.

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In that same period, Maiden's official fan club sent an email saying that they had a meeting with Rod Smallwood in which it was decided that issue #99 would be delayed to Christmas time, so that it could contain some "interesting" news. And that issue #100 would be scheduled to be released sometime in February with some "bombastic" news.

You can add to the puzzle the Kevin Shirley's piece. He posted on his Facebook page that he would be going to Paris.

iron maiden

Another piece involving Kevin is the one which was seen on on October 16th. Guest writer Adam Hansen points out that Randy Bachman says he will be working with Kevin Shirley on his next album and claims Shirley is "probably the best rock producer around today. He just did Aerosmith and Journey and he's doing Iron Maiden at the end of the year."

Meanwhile, here in Brazil, local producers have already stated that they are negotiating dates for Iron Maiden in 2015. The city of Florianópolis would see Maiden for the first time around November 2015 and another local producer in Belo Horizonte stated that he was negotiating with Maiden for a show in the second half of 2015.

Let's not forget that Rock In Rio will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2015 and Maiden is considered to be one of the best acts that the festival has ever seen. They are likely being considered to be in the line-up. The festival will happen in September 2015.

On December 11th another piece was added to the puzzle. Kevin Shirley posted again on his Facebook account: "My time in Paris is done and time to head home! Had a wonderful time here for the past couple months - lots of croissants, work, visitors, carousels, fun, art, rich meals and fine wine. Took my family to the Arctic Circle in Finland, to meet Santa last week! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all."

Are you still in doubt? Ok, now you won't be anymore! Members of the fan club have already received their Christmas card. And this is how it looks:

iron maiden

iron maiden

Notice on the front artwork, there is a sign that reads UROTON 51. This is an anagram for ON TOUR 15 (2015).

Last but not least, Bruce Dickinson was expected to be in São Paulo on December 15th for one of his business lectures for the MPI LAMEC at the WTC Events Centre. Bruce didn't show up and the official press release of the event said that his appearance was cancelled due to Bruce's current health condition, which wouldn't allow him to leave England at the moment.

The truth is, according to sources close to me, Bruce was actually in Paris doing some very healthy vocal recordings.



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