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Tina Saul

8th July 2011

tina saul

rival sons pressure and time

Amazing how you unexpectedly find cracking bands on Twitter these days. That's certainly the case with Nashville rockers, Blackwater James.

They started following me, but didn't bug me with loads of messages and tweets, so I checked them out. New bands, take note, this isn't a bad way of cutting through the vast quantity of new stuff that we get sent.

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Blackwater James band started in Nashville in 2009 and have managed to create a hard rock sound, without any country roots slipping in. In fact you'd think these boys (and girl) were raised in California, rather than Tennesse.

They've managed to notch up some impressive press quotes so far, and their second release, 'Vol 1', is very worthy of a listen.

'Burn This City' starts off sounding like Social Distortion's 'Don't Drag Me Down', but then transforms into a track that instantly makes you start tapping your feet, with groovy riffs and an almost anthemic chorus.

All of the tracks are of a similar make-up and it almost makes me wonder if these guys are secret love children of bands from the 80s sunset strip scene.

It's available now from all the usual digital outlets, and if you're a fan of the likes of Buckcherry, then this is one you should definitely check out. Find out more about Blackwater James by clicking here.


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