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Tina Saul

19th July 2011

tina saul

arch enemy khaos legions

You can't beat a good overture to kick off a metal album, and Arch Enemy's opener to their latest album 'Khaos Legions' is a fine example; great guitar solos, solid drum beat, sirens galore and ending in a sinister monologue.

It does a great job of preparing you for the moment when Angela Gossow's unique vocals launch into 'Yesterday Is Dead And Gone'. And it's not too long until the familiar Brothers Amott riffage makes an appearance.

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'Through The Eyes Of A Raven' takes you on a confusing journey of progressive melodic doom, but other than that the rest of the tracks are undeniably classic Arch Enemy.

If you've not heard the band before, or want a gentle way of easing into the album, then you can't go wrong with 'No Gods, No Masters'.

Arch Enemy have been around now for fifteen years and this, their ninth studio album, may not be particularly fresh or new, but it's certainly good enough to fill up precious space in my ever burgeoning CD collection.


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