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'Unto The Locust'
Tina Saul

19th September 2011

tina saul

Over the past four years since the release of their last album, 'The Blackening', Machine Head fans around the world have been craving new material, eager to know what album number seven is like. Well, it's not like 'The Blackening', 'Through The Ashes Of Empires' or anything else they've done before.

god bless ozzy osbourne

But before you get disappointed, it's better. Epic, in fact, and definitely makes the most of their talent and complexity more than any of their previous releases.

However, it's not an album that is out just to please their fans! It pushes their sound in all sorts of directions, to the point where some fans may find themselves out of their comfort zone. But don't give up on some of the less brutal tracks the first time you hear them - three or four listens and you'll be hooked. And it is stunning for them to focus more on the melodic side to Rob Flynn's vocals.

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The album begins with 'I Am Hell (Sonata In C#)', which takes you on a three-part journey spanning brutal thrash, spiritual Latin chanting and classic Metal, plus just about everything else thrown in. It's the perfect song to open your mind to the next six tracks, which aren't all as complex, but are equally impressive and experimental.

At this stage in their career, there was always the danger that Machine Head would ride off the back of the success of 'The Blackening' and stick with a formula that they know works and that you love. But they haven't, they've evolved their sound and released the freshest heavy Metal album I've ever heard.

I'm not going to spoil the fun and tell you how each track on the album pans out, but do make sure you get this on your pre-order list now and start mentally preparing yourself for this complex masterpiece.

'Unto The Locust' release starts this week in Japan on 21st September and, on 26th September, us lucky Brits can get our copy of the Metal Hammer Fan Pack, which contains a feast of Machine Head goodies and exclusives; the perfect accompaniment to this album which is now firmly planted in my Top 5 favourites.

Machine Head have released three 'Making Of' videos, so what better way to discover more about the album than from the band themselves?

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