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Released 31st October 2011 (UK)

Tina Saul

tina saul

November sees the release of Megadeth's thirteenth album, so I'm guessing it's no surprise that they've chosen to name it 'Th1rt3en', or maybe because it has thirteen tracks on it, or perhaps it's because Dave Mustaine was born on the 13th. Regardless of why it's called what it is, 13 must be Megadeth's lucky number, as this album is a corker.


In a recent interview with Beatweek magazine, guitarist Chris Broderick sees this album as a best of Megadeth, just with new songs saying; "Each song is different and each is saying its own thing. I view this album as a compilation as if we pulled a song from each of Megadeth's prior albums. This is why I really like this one."

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I personally think it sounds like their 'Rust In Peace' and 'Countdown To Extinction' era and each song is crafted in Megadeth's unique style. Even though Dave Mustaine turned 50 this year, he's not growing old yet. The lyrics are reminiscent of anything a younger band would write and the shredding is as energetic as ever.

The band have been through endless personnel changes over the years, with Dave being the only stable member throughout, yet this line-up seems to gel which shows in this release.

When you put the album on you'll have to wait over a minute before you hear Mustaine's growl as the first sixty seconds of 'Sudden Death' are dedicated to speed Metal guitars, and very fine guitaring it is too. The opening riff of 'Who's Life Is It Anyway' is very similar to Brides Of Destruction's 'Shut The Fuck Up', but it quickly returns to classic Megadeth and is my definite favourite.

'Th1rt3en' will be released by Roadrunner Records on November 1st and I highly recommend that you get this on your pre-order list now. Once you have, get yourself prepared by listening to these two great tracks which have already been released on YouTube.



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