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'Eve Of Destruction'
Out Now

Tina Saul

tina saul

Are you a fan of the dulcet tones of Rob Flynn, Corey Taylor or Jerry Cantrell? If you are, or any of their bands, then you're going to love Hostile. And no, I'm not talking about the Pantera tribute band.


These youngsters couldn't fail but be Metal; one was raised in a graveyard house, one is Ian Hill's son, and they come from the birthplace of Metal. Add to that notching up support slots with the likes of SoulFly and Morbid Angel and playing Download Festival, you'd think that's a pretty good start.

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But it gets better, as they've also caught the interest of one of our genre's legends, KK Downing. Impressed by their local show, he not only agreed to produce their debut album, 'Eve of Destruction', but also to write a song for it. This is something these boys can really brag about, as it's the first time he's written outside of Judas Priest.

The result is an extremely solid debut album. It's not overly fresh, as you can definitely name every one of their influences, but it's a fabulous start. The first track, 'Fuelled by Hate', could definitely sit alongside any Machine Head or Slipknot track in your playlist, and wouldn't even go amiss played alongside some good old-fashioned Pantera.

But it was KK's 'Addiction' that really got my attention. The first time I heard it I didn't realise it was the track he'd written, as there is an unmistakeable Alice In Chains sound to it. Really powerful, and a track that was instantly added to my playlist.

They formed back in 2006 and have had some great successes along the way, and here's hoping it continues. I'll be keeping an eye on these ones and you can too by heading over to their website and finding out more:



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