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Tina Saul

tina saul

Is your Christmas tree looking decidedly drab and un-Metal? Then fear not, as we have a way to make sure you have the most rockin' Christmas tree there is with these simple instructions on how to make your very own Slash bauble.

slash christmas bauble

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What you'll need:

- 1 x pint glass
- 1 x shot glass
- 1 x foam rubber sheet (available from all good craft shops)
- 1 x marker pen
- 1 x small gold bauble
- 100 x strands of thin black ribbon
- 1 x butt of rollie cigarette
- 1 x Bottle of Jack Daniels
- 1 x Whisky tumbler
- 1 x Record player
- 1 x Appetite for Destruction (vinyl only)
- 1 x pair of scissors
- Double sided tape
- Glue
- Ice
- Small stapler (optional)

Let's start with the most important thing first. Get your whisky tumbler, but in some ice and pour yourself a large glass of Jack Daniels. Switch your record player on and gently place your precious copy of 'Appetite' on the turntable. Lovingly apply the needle and you're ready to go.

First take the pint glass, turn it upside down, place it on the foam rubber sheet and draw a circle round the glass with your marker pen.

Top tip: press down gently and you'll leave an indent in the foam which will make it easier to cut out. Next take the shot glass, turn it upside down and place in the centre of the circle created with the pint glass and again draw round the edge. Cut round the outer circle and then carefully the inner circle, as this will be used as the top of the hat. With the smaller circle, nick a cross in the middle with your scissors.

Now cut a strip about an inch wide from the foam and create the middle of the top hat by pulling together into a circle. Glue the edges together and add a small staple for additional strength if you want. By now 'It's So Easy' and you're probably already on that track so glue one end of the middle part to the bottom of the larger circle and the other end to the smaller one.

By now you'll probably need to top up your glass of Jack Daniels before taking on the ribbon task. With each strand of ribbon take a blade of your scissors and drag the strand along the blade. If you've never done this before, this lovely lady will give you a helping hand.

Once you've done this, you'll definitely need another glass of Jack Daniels and will probably also need to turn over the album by now – remember treat your vinyl with loving care.

The next part is easy, just cut another thin strip of foam, slightly smaller than the circumference of the inside of your hat, and then attach all the curly ribbons. Glue this to the inside of the hat and feed the bauble string through the cross in the middle of the smaller circle and place the hat on top of the bauble.

Phew, you're almost done, so might as well pour yourself another Jack as 'Anything Goes'. Once you've organised the ribbon 'hair' around the bauble, take the cigarette butt and glue it to the bottom right hand side of the remaining 'face' area. And that's it – you're done and have your very own Slash Christmas bauble.

Deck the halls and all that stuff.



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