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'Damage Control'
(Frontiers Records)
Release Date: 23rd March 2012

Tina Saul

tina saul

reckless love

Jeff Scott Soto is a man who has it all, from the voice of an angel to the looks of an Adonis and to complete the package he is a genuinely lovely guy, having witnessed him a couple of times out in public with fans.

But he's also a man steeped in melodic rock history, with an impressive list of albums and collaborations under his belt, and he's certainly earned the badge for man most likely to fit in with any band in this genre.

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So when I received his fifth solo studio album 'Damage Control' I was eager to hear it and I can honestly say its his best solo release for me to date.

'Give A Little More' is the first track and hints at what the rest of the album is going to deliver. It has the riffs, the breaks, the catchy chorus and is a lesson in how to write a pure melodic rock song.

Onto the next track 'Damage Control' and it stays true to this formula, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen and luckily so does the rest of the album.

If you've not heard any of Jeff Scott Soto's solo material before, then this is an album that you must get on pre-order right now. So many tracks have that euphoric feel to them, and there are a couple of ballads 'Bonafide' and 'Neverending War' to bring it down to a slower pace.

'Damage Control' is released on 23rd March through Frontier Records.



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