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Day 4 – Sunday

Tina Saul and Daryl Soar: Photography by Patryk Wojnarowski and Joe Winn

tina saul

hard rock hell

We all know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and a lot of faces told a tale that said how much they wanted to take advantage of it. This was the fourth day for the die hard and maybe one day too many. It was the day for the HRH Xmas Rockers Ball though, and there were varying degrees of attire. Some people had just popped a Santa hat on over the obligatory black clothing, some opted for turkey, Father Christmas and Elf costumes, others opted for a chance to just dress up. But what was good to see was that so many had bothered.

Stage 2 had no music on today, but a few more stalls, so the music was contained to Stage 1 which worried me thinking it was busy enough over the rest of the weekend and that it would be too busy, but maybe people had headed home or were dying in their caravan as it never appeared considerably more packed, in fact quite the opposite. There seemed to be much more room.

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Most of the morning was spent recuperating, or in media waiting for interviews and so it wasn't until later in the afternoon that I managed to get time to go and see some of the bands. Kobra And The Lotus were the first and put on a magnificent show. Kobra Paige has a commanding voice and bold stage persona. Her new make up and clothes coupled with an intimidating mass of blonde dreads would be enough to strike fear into the heart of any opposition. Dropping in an Iron maiden cover was a bit like music by numbers for the hard of listening but personally I loved it.

Chris Jericho, Fozzy

Fozzy are a prime example of attitude mattering more than ability. Chris Jericho's vocals are occasionally off key but the way he sings make it sound like he means it and usurps the importance of 100% perfect intonation. Fozzy know how to rock. And his fitness levels and lack of fear meant he jumped around over any object on stage to reach out to the audience as much as he could. Despite the familiar sound issues the show was great and getting harder for the next band to top.

Soil took the gauntlet from Fozzy and set about making the task in hand harder for Buckcherry. Dropping in the fan favourites was only topped by the inclusion of Drowning Pool's '37 Stitches'. Raising the bar further may have looked hard after Fozzy but it seemed inevitable after about two songs.


The last last, final final, end of everything and the show, Buckcherry. What can I say? I was never a fan before but given a choice now, there aren't many bands I'd choose to see over Buckcherry. Whatever you think of the band, they really know how to rock out a good show. The classic tracks were all present and correct and to surprise the loyal, they also played 'Porno Star', something which appeared to please a lot of the female dominated crowd.

Despite the best efforts of the band's crew, even Buckcherry had some technical issues. I will say the lighting was significantly better than it had been, and the sound was generally better but it was never likely to be perfect. When Buckcherry left the stage the lights came on and the weekend was over.

Kobra And The Lotus

Considering the obvious flaws you would have expected the light and sound guys to be working round the clock to solve them. Unfortunately for the bands that didn't have skilled engineers, they had to rely on staff that were more interested in watching YouTube videos and updating Facebook than making sure they bands were represented in the best way.

The bar staff and security were overwhelmed by the friendly trouble free atmosphere of the fans and overall things look bright for the future. The only real issue is ensuring sufficient accommodation is available as day tickets are somewhat less viable due to the remote nature of Hafan Y Mor in Pwllheli.

The venue is lovely and the problems are easily surmountable. I can't wait for Hammerfest which will be the first true test to see whether the teething problems have been ironed out. Roll on HRH 7, if this year is anything to go by, next is on track to be a barn stormer.


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