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magnum 13th day

And 'On The Thirteenth Day' Magnum gave us their eighteenth studio album which sees the band return to a sound heard around their 'Chase The Dragon' era thirty years ago but with the smooth commercial clout of the 'Vigilante' era.

Ever since the resurrection of the Midlands based rockers with 'Brand New Morning' in 2004, Magnum have improved with every release, winning over any doubters with the critically acclaimed album 'The Vistation'. Even the two brand new songs they recorded for the 'compliation' album 'Evolution' last year were by no means cheap throwaways. Tony Clarkin still has the midas touch when it comes to writing melodic pomp rock yet still remaining quintessentially British.

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'On The Thirteenth Day' has the progressive pomp rock of Kansas mixed with indulgence of Queen. Bob Catley's vocals have matured in time to a more gravely soothing pitch, Mark Stanway's keyboards soar all over this album in only the right places and Clarkin's none aggresive guitar hooks lure the listener in whilst Thunder moonlighter Harry H James keeps it all in place at the rear.

The album blasts off into 'Sacred Hour' territory with 'All The Dreamers', 'See How They Fall' is a romp through melodic heaven with a rocking big chorus,the playground taunt of 'Didn't Like You Anyway' is a tune that embodies in your musical mind and 'So Let It Rain' and 'Broken Promises' are prime slices of AOR.

Fans of Magnum who lost interest in the band after their commercial fall to grunge should re-invest their time in these faithful Brummies because I can't think of any other bands out there who are doing what Magnum uniquely do.

13 could well prove to be Magnum's lucky number.


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