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demon dude's revenge

Steve Watts was a former member of British legends Demon, providing the keyboards between 1984 to 1991. Since then little has been heard of Watts in the music field but for the last five years he has been working on a musical journey with a group of varied musicians and engineers in a project that will leave your mind either on the brink of insanity or of spiritual enlightment.

Albums like this are from a bygone age, where the music takes you on a vision in which only the listener can build a picture in their own mind on what it's actually about.

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This is mind bending post Armageddon space rock worthy of Hawkwind or early Motorhead on tracks such as the punky 'It's A Message', 'Damaged' and 'Never Before (Part 1)'.

But the music isn't just one dimensional as the album then veers off into different tangents that will leave the listener looking at the dark side of the moon with the grinding instrumental 'The Slicer', the dark glam stomp of the mushroom friendly 'Tea Cosy Mong' and the Floydish 'Muso-Creep'.

Roll a big one for the epic 'The Glorious Pretension Of Being' that would please fans of Soft Machine's Kevin Ayers followed by the fallout of the delicate acoustic 'Coda Snowblind' sung, I believe, by Lauren Edmonson.

The title of the album says it all, this is an adolescent fantasy that brightens up the doldrums of everyday life in a dark way...

Volume 2 is coming very soon, but for the time being Volume 1 comes as British Standard Approved.




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