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Vega are fast becoming one of Britain's great hopefuls of the 'ones to watch'. Already making a splash for themselves on the melodic rock/AOR scene with their debut release of 'Kiss Of Life', this young outfit are poised to make headway for themselves with their all important second album, 'What The Hell', due out early next year.

I've already seen the band live on a few occasions, normally opening on a three band bill and I've been mighty impressed but tonight is my first sighting of them headlining and they certainly lived up to a top-of-the-bill status.

I arrived just in time to catch Tainted Nation who include a few faces you may recognize. Fronted by Pete Newdeck, formally the drummer of Eden's Curse, accompanied by by the crisp crunching riff attack of Ian Nash with the rhythm completed by the Poodles' Pontus Egberg and skin destroyer Mark Cross, the former Helloween and Firewind basher.

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Newdeck was recovering from a recent bout of whooping cough but he still sung his lungs out to the best he could. Mark Cross pounded the drums so hard I'm surprised a crater didn't open up beneath him. Still finding their feet on the stage, Tainted Nation do have some quality numbers such as 'Loser' and 'What Are You Waiting For' complete with big backing vocals and biting riffs. The potential is there and the band will be judged when the debut sees the light of day next year.

Tainted Nation

Vega were playing to the converted who lapped up the band tonight kicking into action with 'Kiss Of Life' Frontman Nick Workman is a confident fellow who knows how to work a crowd. Unlike other British bands of the melodic rock scene who play wishy washy lovey dovey rock Vega go for the throat with bouncy and hook infested numbers with more "hey-heys" than a glam rock convention and more "Whoa's" than a Bon Jovi karaoke evening.

In fact they remind me a lot of Canada's finest, Loverboy, with great commercial tunes that punch a nice little clout.


New numbers like 'Not There For You', 'Bless My Soul' and the epic 'Headlights' give us plenty to look forward too. 'What The Hell' is uncannily like the verse section of Warrant's 'Cherry Pie' which saw some cock thrusting hip shaking from Workman. The new single 'White Knuckle Ride' (I'm sure that is slang for something) is a real blaster of a ride.

Vega have the testeronic testicles to see them go all the way up. People will be making babies to this lot in years to come.


Tainted Nation

Dare You
Nothing Like You Seem
Still Hang Around
Don't Forget Where You Came From
What Are You Waiting For
Your Only Friend
Don't Tell Me


Kiss Of Life
Stay With Me
Not There For You
Bless My Soul
Hearts Of Glass
What The Hell
She Walks Alone
White Knuckle Ride
Hands In The Air

Into The Wild


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