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sin tonic bottoms up

The first things that one thinks off when it comes to Thailand is sun, sea, sand and sex, not forgetting the hangover of Sang Som whiskey. One thing that Thailand is not known worldwide is for it's music scene.

Although Thailand has it's own unique traditional music, most young Bangkokians get off on Gangman style pop pap and country love songs in karaoke bars. As for it's rock scene, bands such as Loso and Blackhead have made a name for themselves but it's mostly diluted fodder wishy washed in paddy fields that doesn't necessary pack the potential clout.

Carabao are another household name in Siam but are too close for comfort to Santana to be taken seriously outside the country. Most Farangs who travel to the land of smiles know that digging out the Metal scene is as difficult as finding a celibate vicar walking down Soi Sukhumvit in the hours of darkness.

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That's not to say that Thailand hasn't produced some fine Metal bands over the years. Bands such as Stone Metal Fire and Donpheebin have packed out the arena's but along with current runners as death Metallers Ebola and teen angst rockers Brand New Sunset fail to break big on the global scene because they sing in their native tongue and unfortunately the unwritten law is speak English or die, whether one likes it or not.

One band that could slip under the net and attract the attention of followers of traditional Metal first made popular by the sound of the NWOBHM scene is Bangkok's Sin Tonic. Formed in 2008 by Metal Guru Bhai, the band have gradually built up a following by learning their trade by playing covers by the giants of Metal in Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

Now having the confidence of writing their own material, this EP is a surprise package that will please lovers of Enforcer, Cauldron and White Wizzard.

sin tonic bottoms up

With a title of 'Bottoms Up' you could be forgiven for thinking this could be of Spinal Tap proportions and you wouldn't be too far from the truth but in a very nice innocent way, this is pure real Heavy Metal as nature originally intended it to be. The four tracks on offer are simplistic yet immensely effective, no brainer heads down Metal with neat catchy hooks to die for.

'Rock 'N Roll Show' and 'Monster' leaves enough space for creativity but are instantly infectious with Maideny guitar solos. 'Deliver As Declared' opens with King Diamond type wails and is as heaviest it gets whilst 'Skin Over Metal' is a real yelling fist raiser with the straight face humour of Manowar.

This EP won't change the world but it will definitely change your perception of Thai Metal. I would love to see these guys at a festival like Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air because that is where they belong. Sin Tonic are exactly just that... the perfect tonic for lovers of sin and Metal.

Check out their Facebook page on how you can grab yourself a copy.

Guru - Vocals/Guitar
Jypsy - Bass
Joker - Drums
Poht - Guitar

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