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mission to lars

Mission To Lars tells the story of Tom Spicer, a man who has a form of autism known as Fragile X Syndrome and means Tom does have learning difficulties which means the mind may work in a different form, but the soul remains the same.

In his spare time, he shares a passion for the American Heavy Metal supergroup Metallica and especially has a fondness for drummer Lars Ulrich who over the previous 20 years has repeatedly asked his journalist sister Kate, "I want to meet Lars".

An almost impossible task, but one that finally makes his sister crack and the Mission To Lars wheels are placed into motion to make a documentary film of love, laughter, tears and happiness.

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How much of a mission this is, is sometimes a little questionable as journalist Kate Spicer is a freelancer whose work has appeared in such papers as The Times and The Daily Mail amongst many others and certainly has some of the right contacts and the family background is from an affluent one thus making any other families who wish to treat their loved ones to a similar dream an impossible task.

However the real mission is that of Tom himself and because of his condition, he doesn't like to be away from familiarity and routine meaning the Spicers have much professional advice to adhear and many hurdles to jump before she can even get her brother onto a plane let alone a new enviroment in America to meet his hero.

The film does give a heartfelt fascinating insight into the world of Fragile X Syndrome as we learn that Tom can't listen to loud music as it is ten times more louder to him than for you and I and has a big anxiety of large crowds thus meaning the mission to meet Lars Ulrich at the giant arena of Anaheim is almost aborted, but the complicated fears are happily overcome and you can't help but smile for the lad when his finally meets the Uligarch drummer for the first time towards the end of the film.

Metallica fans will have a long wait to see their boys in action in this documentary which I feel would have been more suited to a 60 minute TV doc rather than a 90 minute film as there are some unnecessary interludes.

A film where all proceeds go towards Mencap can only be applauded and a film which makes you realise our daily troubles are really rather trivial.

Below is part of an exclusive interview that Kate Spicer conducted with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich which can be found as part of the bonus features on the Mission To Lars DVD & Blu-ray.




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