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DAN REED: Camden Underworld London


dan reed

With the Dan Reed Network, Dan the man had it all, or so it seemed. Having the debut album produced by Bruce Fairbairn and released on the Mercury bandwagon label, massive world tours with Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones. It was as if the fame and riches would come flooding in.

But two decades ago, this really wasn't what Dan Reed was looking for in life. Having already committed commercial suicide in the eyes of his record company by completely shaving of his long dark mane the big break was lost in biblical proportions.

Dan Reed took a long hiatus from the music spotlight becoming an actor, club owner and construction worker but it was his travels and long spells in India where Dan found a real spiritual awareness and happiness and the confidence to return to his love of music.

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'Coming Up For Air' in 2010 was a welcome return back but a laid back one. With his new solo album, 'Signal Fire', Dan Reed has arguably made his finest record to date. An album full of strong messages of hope, peace, enlightenment, strength and courage. An album that Jon Bon Jovi has been trying to make for many years now.

The Underworld was treated to an excellent electric set with a backing band of seasoned musicians, but this was Dan's show and his star shone brightly with many new followers recruited to his cause. With a well balanced set of tracks from his two solo albums and some Network classics played at a different pace, Reed and band didn't set a foot wrong all night.

dan reed

With a sound of clarity the show opened with a trio of tunes from 'Signal Fire' with 'All I Need Is You' being a dynamic opener expressing the thoughts of Dan, where he is today and the world in which we live in. Later another new track in 'Avalanche' was an uptempo rocker that really struck a chord.

'Rainbow Child' was the first of the Network era and this was speeded up played in a Tom Petty style that worked brilliantly. In fact all of the Network tunes had a new fresh tangent on them including an acoustic take on 'Stronger Than Steel'.

Dan was in good playful mood too, saluting bassist Karl Sweeney who stepped in to help out at short notice for this tour and gave an impressive version of Paul Simon's 'You Can Call Me Al'.

dan reed

Dan even delighted the fans by announcing that the Dan Reed Network will be returning to the UK for a reunion show in Chelmsford for the Enchanted Festival and if all goes well there will be more UK dates in the future.

A fantastic show where Dan Reed can only go from strength to strength from here and in which many rock fans should take plenty of notice of where he is at now. Class! Class! Can I have your attention please? Thank you!

dan reed

Set List:
All I Need Is You
Signal Fire
Only Love
Coming Up For Air
Rainbow Child
Losing My Fear
You Can Call Me Al
Stronger Than Steel
End Of The World
Get To You

Brave New World
Cruise Together




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