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MONUMENT: Nambucca, London
Photos by Jirina Kantova


peter ellis monument

Monument were playing a one off special to celebrate the release of their new single, 'Black Night', a cover of the Deep Purple classic.

Not that the band had ran out of ideas, far from it, as this is to raise funds for a very special charity, The Sunflower Jam, a charity that started life in 2005 by Jacky Paice, wife of the legendary Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice, who along with her twin sister Vicky, who was happily married to Jon Lord before his sad passing, have held yearly events featuring a whole host of some of the biggest names in rock to highlight and bring happiness to those who are suffering from leukaemia and cancer.

Last year's Sunflower Jam was held at the Royal Albert Hall and featured Alice Cooper, Brian May, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice and John Paul Jones and many others. This year's event later in the year will be a special tribute featuring the works of the late great Jon Lord.

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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson sang 'Black Night' at last year's event and it's a fitting choice for Monument to have their own heavy stamp on this which also features keyboard work from Firewind's Bob Kationis. It's a fine cover which needs your wonga contribution for a very worthy cause.

The stage at the Nambucca is no bigger than the one at the Ruskin Arms but Monument attack the stage as if it's the Long Beach Arena. Now let's not beat around the bush here. Monument are heavily influenced by all things Iron Maiden and there's nothing wrong in that because their conviction and passion is compelling. Singer Peter Ellis has his leather sleeves rolled up and has an' in yer face attitude and dosen't give up until the crowd scream for him.

peter ellis monument

The axe attack dual guitar sounds of Dan Baune and Lewis Stephens are a harmonic force in a battlecry with the traditional galloping bass lines of Matt Scott. Monument have the feel of a young authentic NWOBHM band with a hunger to kill.

You can't help but raise your beer glass in the air whilst singing along to 'Fatal Attack' and 'Carry On' with it's "Woaoaoahh!!" simplistic Metal chorus. All classic headbanging stuff.

New material being played for the first time tonight such as 'Runaway' and 'Crusaders' show plenty of mouth watering promise.

peter ellis monument

Current Tank and former Bruce Dickinson bassist Chris Dale was invited up for 'Black Night' and the band really excelled here with a monumentous live version leaving behind any feel of Maiden and giving themselves a chance to indulge into an open space of inspired fulfilment.

A short set that finished into the early hours where Monument rocked the night.

peter ellis monument

Set List:
Fatal Attack
Carry On
Midnight Queen
Black Night
Rock The Night


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