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'Get It' Album Launch
London, Spice Of Life
3rd November 2011


I think it's safe to say it's better to come from Milton Keynes than it is to go there. That is, of course, unless you had a time machine and could go back to the Milton Keynes Bowl and see Guns N'Roses at their most dangerous back in 1993. That's where the story of MK rockers LionSex comes into action as, when they were young teenagers, brothers JJ and Davy Lyons saw Axl and his gang teach them how to play in a rock'n'roll band. Ever since that monumental day, the boys have dreamt of a way out of standing in front of the bedroom mirror, and turning their vision into a rock reality.


Through Facebook, they met vocalist Jef Leppard, who has a name that wouldn't be out of place in 'Spinal Tap' - or the 'Rock Of Ages' West End show, come to think of it - but with tongue firmly in cheek, the beastly named LionSex was formed and the band were born free and on a mission to be ringmasters of the big top. Safari so good.

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Today, LionSex were playing an afternoon showcase gig in the bustling West End to us industry-types, to see if they could scratch us enough to get a roar of approval. Having had a good listen to their debut album, 'Get It' (out on 21st November through Roar Power/Universal), I can safely say that LionSex have got what it takes to be a 'mane' attraction, blending the hedonistic sounds of eighties hair Metal rock downtuned with gothic overtones.

Full of catchy tunes with some great melodic riffs, with singer Leppard's raspy voice, they very much remind me of a rocky version of new wave punk legends The Psychedlic Furs. I'm sure these boys (who look like the type who would steal your girlfriend's make-up) would look 'Pretty In Pink'.


After quaffing some complimentry sarnies and downing some free liquor, it was good to know LionSex can cut it live in a short and blood hungry set. Ripping through four songs from the debut including the fist throwing opener, 'Get It', and the single, 'Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy', the boys certainly made it look easy.

Ending with a roaring homage to Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell', I can safely say it won't be long before LionSex become rebellious idols themselves.

Do yourself a favour and catch LionSex on their December headlining club tour.I got it, you should Get It too.

Click here for Mark's video interview with LionSex



Get It
Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy
Used To Be
Rebel Yell



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