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22 May 2013



An acoustic affair for the former singer of American glam rockers White Lion, a hugely successful band in the late eighties who never really got the recognition they rightly deserved.

A support slot from Swedish blond bombshell Mia Klose got the evening off to a good start who was backed by two guitarists from her band and in the acoustic setting gave a country flavour with her soothing voice. Two new tracks were played and I await to her them done in electric with anticipation. A first rate cover of Skid Row's 'I Remember You' was done with so much more emotion than the original.

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Mike Tramp has a few stories to tell from his days of the travelling rock 'n' roll circus and many of them are put to music on his new album Cobblestone Street, for which the title track is his opening gambit. The dark and Kurt Cobain styled 'This Ain't The Life I Asked For' is an honest account of how family life dosn't always live up to expectations. His past glories are not forgotten with the peace anthem 'Cry For Freedom'. 'All The Fallen Men' from the Fight To Survive album gets a rare outing on UK shores.

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His time with his post White Lion outfit Freak Of Nature is remembered with 'What I Am' and 'Rescue Me'. But it is songs from the mutlimillion selling Pride album that strike the chord the most with songs that were originally written in the acoustic form before the big production. 'Wait', 'Hungry' and 'Lady Of The Valley' are welcomed like long lost friends and 'When The Children Cry' has a cheesy taste but strong meaningful lyrics that still apply in today's world. Tramp was amongst loyal friends. He could've played all night.




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