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London, Scala



Voted as best new band in the Classic Rock Awards for 2012, the three piece rockers from Adelaide, Tracer, were back to grace our shores once again in promotion of their second album 'El Pistolero'.

Opening up were a new young UK outfit, Cage The Gods, who had the hooks and looks. Full of crunchy riffs and soaring melodies, Cage The Gods looked confident and their sound was complimented by the bluesy, ballsy, classic rock riffs of Jam and the clear vocals of Peter Comerford.

A great introduction from the band, these young Gods are now un-caged... Lock up your daughters because Cage The Gods are on the prowl.

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Tracer have built themselves up a loyal fan base who are keen to see these underdogs deservedly go all the way to the top. Tracer hit the stage full of gusto with opener 'Too Much'. Michael Brown uses his Flying V to great affect cranking out the huge spacious riffs. The blend of grunge of classic rock gives Tracer a new dimension to explore.

New bassist Jett Heysen-Hicks is a solid player and uses up every inch on his side of the stage engaging with the audience down the front when he's not too busy rocking his head to every note being played. Drummer Andre Wise is a powerful beast who makes the two out front work harder with every song. When Brown sings the high notes he is right up there with Soundgarden's Chris Cornell in ability to scream.


'Voices In The Rain' is adoringly sung by the crowd, but Tracer are at their best when they head of into free fall jams hitting the ball for six and breaking down the boundaries of musical eloquence. Brown climbs the stage speakers for 'Wrecking Ball' as both band and audience head off into air nirvana, Brown even teasing with the riff to Led Zep's 'Whole Lotta Love' and I'm sure that was a dash of Iron Butterflys's 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' Slayer style thrown in for good measure.

Tracer were unbeatable tonight. They currently remain one of rock's best kept secrets but when the current dinosaurs finally lay to rest, you can bet on Tracer on being one of the future's rising stars.


Set lists:

Cage The Gods
The Ending
Bruce Willis
From The Start

Too Much
Manic For Ya
Walk Alone
Dirty Little Secret
Don't Forget My Name
Voice In The Rain
Spaces In Between
El Pistolero
Wrecking Ball
Lady Killer
There's A Man
Dead Garden

Santa Cecila
Devil Ride






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