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Anvil were back in the UK on a whistlestop tour to promote their fifteenth studio album 'Hope In Hell', which saw them play at the Steelhouse Festival alongside former touring buddies Saxon, before a few of their own headline dates culminating with a date in London before the band had to travel over land to Germany for a prestigious date at the Wacken Festival.

Before the London show, MetalTalk's Mark Taylor chatted to Lips and Robb Reiner who spoke with open and frank honesty about the origins of the 'Hope In Hell' track 'Through With You', Black Sabbath's latest album '13' and their former bassist G5. You can watch the video interview below.

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Knowing that I had to be up at 5.30am the following morning to catch a flight from Heathrow to Hamburg so I could attend the Wacken Festival in Germany, I knew it wasn't a bright idea to be seeing Anvil the night before as I do have a habit of getting royally rat arsed whenever Anvil are in town.

This is because the crazy cranium crashing Canadians have been making molten Metal music now for the past 35 years that destroy the senses of any sensible thought provoking human being and turn them into a complete Metal gonzoid, and a happy one at that.


Anvil are not here to re-invent the wheel, just to bring happiness and joy and a hidden message on how to live with positive thinking. If you're looking for a band to preach on how the government sucks or on how to act cool, then you've come completely to the wrong gig. This is pure Metal full of riveting riffs and neck embedding bolts that make you leave the venue looking like Frankenstein's monster.

For many Anvil fans, this is the first time they see new boy Sal Italiano in action on bass duties. The Iron Maiden lover throws all the best Steve Harris moves and seems at ease with his new role. Lips is in playful mood as ever constantly engaging with the crowd. Robb Reiner is a formidable beast on the drums, keeps his head down and does what he does best - banging away at shuddering speed.


Black Sabbath have been a big inspiration to Anvil but following our earlier conversation Lips asks the audience why Sabbath have called their new album '13' when Anvil had a similar album titled 'This Is Thirteen' before the band played the doomy title track.

The dildo comes out for the monstrous classic 'Mothra' and 'Through With You' is placed in the set for it's first outing, the clever re-working off the 'Smoke On The Water' riff is dragged through the hedge backwards and this punky little gem is one of the highlights of the evening.

'Thumb Hang' is schoolboy Metal at the highest level and the instrumental 'Swing Thing' is a vehicle for Reiner to express his prowess. 'Hope In Hell' is a new anthem as is long stayer 'Metal On Metal', a track made from the sparks of the Girlschool 'Hit 'N Run' riff Sabbath-ized on the angle grinder.

The world would be a dull place without Anvil.


Set list:
March Of The Crabs
School Love
Badass Rock 'N Roll
Winged Assassins
On Fire
This Is Thirteen
Through With You
Thumb Hang
Swing Thing
Hope In Hell
Eat Your Words
Metal On Metal




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