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plus interview with Tarja Turunen
Release Date: September 2nd 2013



Mark Taylor recently spoke to Tarja Turunen in an interview originally done for Record Collector magazines e-newsletter.

You can listen to that interview right here where Tarja talks about her new album 'Colours In The Dark' and what the future holds for her.

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Walking alone since her infamous split from Nightwish in 2005, Tarja releases her third proper solo album, 'Colours In The Dark', where she spreads her angelic gothic wings further than ever before swooping through symphonic Metal and classical music.

Joining her for this journey are her bosom buddy drummer Mike Terrana and guitarist Alex Scholpp who played on her previous albums 'My Winterstorm' and 'What Lies Beneath'. Also on bass is Doug Wimbish who some may remember from American funk rockers Living Colour.

This album is best enjoyed with the curtains closed, lights off, candles lit and a good bottle of red wine and let Tarja's operatic soprano voice soar over you.

The album is not instant, but embodies itself within you with each glass of wine. Opener and single 'Victim Of Ritual is a mini epic built around the classical tune of 'Bolero' whilst '500 Letters' is an all out rocker with a dash of commercial clout.


The best tracks are the growers, ones that takes a few listens to discover the hidden beauty held within.

The dark allure of 'Lucid Dreamer', 'Mystique Voyage' and 'Deliverance' take the listener on a soul searching journey guided by Turunen's high octave range. There's an impressive cover version of 'Darkness' first done by her hero Peter Gabriel of Genesis and more recently done by German 99 Red Ballooner Nena. On this track Tarja stamps her own unique identity to this song making it her own.

We still await the classic album that Tarja is capable of especially now as she has grown as a songwriter. Don't be too surprised if on her next album she veers more into classical music and moves slightly away from the gothic scene because she feels more at ease with the big bombastic orchestral sounds behind her that suit her voice the best.

But there's still plenty here to warm you on these future coming dark nights.

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