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deadly circus fire

An album launch night for the Anglo-Italiano band Deadly Circus Fire who have just released their highly impressive debut album 'The King And The Bishop' and if you're quick enough you can pick up a copy given away in the latest issue of Metal Hammer in select travel shops of WH Smiths.

And talking of travel the Deadly Circus Fire are a band that have the capability to go a long way.

An impressive supporting cast made up for a four band bill. A band who will soon be headliners in their own right when their debut 'We're Gonna Get You Out Of Here' gets released in November are gutter rockers Pink Cigar. A little out of place on this hard core heavy bill, but here is a band who have no fear on whatever stage they play.

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Full of confident swagger and cockiness Pink Cigar played a set full of kick ass memorable tunes with neat licks. Singer Sharkie Cottrell looked as if he was determined not to waste any of the band's rider, swigging away from his beer can while in playful tomfoolery mood, he is a sleaze version of Liam Gallagher, in that the girls want to smack his behind whilst the guys want to smack him in the mouth. Everything you need in a rock n' roll singer.

deadly circus fire

Death metallers GraVil are a band who have had plenty of complimentary comments from the leading Metal magazines including Metal Hammer who said: "Mammoth grooves from a technically advanced future", and from watching their videos on YouTube with songs such as 'Enemy Within' I could only agree.

However GraVil didn't seem to be firing on all cylinders this evening. They huffed and puffed but were never going to blow the house down. Singer Grant Stacey seemed to suffering from a sore throat as he wasn't reaching his usual heavy growling powers. An enthusiastic performance of head swirling Metal from the band nonetheless.

deadly circus fire

Schemata Theory are a band in line with Linkin Park and 3 Inches Of Blood in that they have two lead singers and their sound lies somewhere in between those two bands blended with heavy thrash and technical hooks. It took a few songs before the Theory was in swinging order but their own fans down the front were soon enjoying the ride with songs such as 'Shedding Skin' and 'A Complex Slate'.

Myles Dyer and Luke Wright are an animated pair on the vocals with Dyer being the commander. The band show promise but are treading on dangerous ground when they include a Metallica cover that is far superior to their own material, 'Sad But True'!

deadly circus fire

Sharp and dapper dressed Deadly Circus Fire looked sinister in their clown make up and whilst they're not here to make us laugh, not one is going to wipe their smiles off as they delivered a devilish good heavy progressive set which was like listening to Faith No More on a bad acid trip.

It's been three years since I previously saw the band at the Hammerfest back in 2010 and I thought they were good then, but I was gobsmacked by how much they have improved in density and volume.

Singer Adam Grant has grown immensely in confidence, if not in height, in that time. Looking like Rick Astley in a scary horror movie Grant has a voice that is bigger than the band's incredibly large pedal boards.

Save Addario provides dense heavy riffs complimented by concrete bass work from Mike Enort and tight but loose drumming from Paul Igoe. An executed set full of songs from 'The King And The Bishop' album and it was check mate with the new song 'Rise Again'.

When Addario and Enort jumped from the stage into the crowd it was sheer pandemonium during set closer 'Nothing' and it was certainly a case of nothing else matters as the job was done with a phenomenal display of gritted determination to slay all those here to witness this spectacular ghoulish show.

The Borderline had never witnessed anything like it. Deadly Circus Fire burnt the house down.

deadly circus fire

Set list:

The King And The Bishop
Through The Soil
Her Epitaph
Rise Again

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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