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Merton Manor Club, London


the sweet

Billed as 'In It For Ingrid', a charity evening to raise funds to pay for treatment for lifelong fan and friend Ingrid Paasch who suffered from an aneurysm, Sweet and friends played a one off show in this intimate pub like venue that many will remember for years to come.

For once the Manor Club was packed out as punters had finally got to grips on how to use a map to find this great, cosy little venue. Weapon UK started the evening off with a bang with a slice of vintage old school Metal which warmed the party up nicely.

Andy Scott and his merry men in Sweet played a blockbusting set full of hits starting with their version of the recently recorded 'New York Groove'. 'Turn It Down' delighted the connoisseurs.

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Scott repeated the infamous words of Ian Gillan by saying: "Can we have everything louder than everything else?"

The harmonies of Pete Lincoln and Tony O'Hara were pitch perfect on a rousing 'The Sixteens' whilst 'Wig Wag Bam' segued into 'Little Willy' was a stomping floor shaker.


An extended 'Love Is Like Oxygen' dipped into ELP's 'Fanfare...' and 'Fox On The Run' and 'Action' rounded off the main set before you could say: "We haven't got a clue what to do."

Scott's buddies in Paddy Goes To Holyhead featuring Praying Mantis' Troy brothers and Weapon UK's Danny Hynes had many invited guests including latter day Slade singer Mal McNulty and Heavy Metal Kid Keith Boyce for 'Mama Weer All Crazee Now' and 'Coz I Luv Ya' whilst Thunder's Danny Bowes and Luke Morley palmered off 'Addicted To Love' and Bolan's 'Get It On' followed by Reuben Archer singing 'Doctor Doctor'.


A Hellraiser of an evening where the Sweet Blitzed the Manor.

Set list:

New York Groove
Turn It Down
The Sixteens
Wigwam Bam
Little Willy
Teenage Rampage
You Spin Me Round
Love Is Like Oxygen
Fox On The Run
The Ballroom Blitz
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