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Here's a couple of Teutonic terrors that every Metal home should own. That only that but these re-issues each come with a bonus disc of live recordings from Japan.

German Metallers Accept were already a big draw on mainland Europe with their Flying-V Metal with riffs pulled from the text book of Judas Priest complimented by the pit bull snarling vocals of Udo Dirkschneider.

Albums such as 'Breaker' and 'Restless And Wild' had won the Metal hearts of fans in Europe and Japan but Accept finally conquered America with their fifth album 'Balls To The Wall'.

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Originally released in late 83, Accept caused controversy Stateside with it's homoerotic album cover and the lyrics to the songs 'London Leatherboys' and 'Love Child'. Tagged as Gay Metal, even die hard fans didn't know what to think with the band posing in a publicity shot clinched together bare chested.

But the music within the grooves was incredibley manly with some of the most monstrous riffs known to mankind.

The title track, 'Balls To The Wall' has since gone on to become a bonafide Metal classic with one of the most headbanging friendly riffs ever invented and it's masculine chorus will guarantee to make you show the sign of victory.

There's not a dud track on this album and even when the band edge towards commerciality on numbers such as 'Head Over Heels' the driving force behind it is still evidently Metal at it's beastly best.

This re-release of 'Balls To The Wall' comes with a bonus disc which features the double live album 'Staying A Life' which was posthumously released in 1990 but was recorded on the Metal Heart tour in in Osaka in 85. A fantastic package.

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accpet metal heart

'Metal Heart' was released in 1985 and was the first to be produced by Scorpions producer Dieter Dierks who gave the band a more American sound in a elaborate attempt to muscle in on the lucrative American market which was being dominated by bands such as Ratt and Motley Crue.

Whilst Accept still kept their riveting Metal edge there's no denying that the Germanic sound was being diluted a little bit especially on the drums which sounded tinny and very similar to the drum sound succesfully used by the Scorpions on their 'Love At First Sting' album.

However time has been a great healer for this album full of air guitar delights. The title track 'Metal Heart' kick starts with an intro from Tchaikovsky's 'Slavonic March' with a sublime solo snatched from Beethoven's 'Fur Elise'.

The blood thirsty 'Screaming For A Love Bite' is a forgotten gem and the band get experimental on the bass with the jazzy 'Teach Us To Survive'.

'Metal Heart' also comes with a bonus disc this time with the mini album 'Kaizoku-Ban' which translates as Bootleg.

A live offering again recorded in Nagoya, Japan and was also originally released in 85.

With sleeve notes from Malcolm Dome, these two releases are high value for money and the perfect opportunity to upgrade from your vinyl editions or for younger rock fans to taste what all the fuss was about as to why Accept are so rightly highly regarded as one of the best Europeon Metal exports ever.

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