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uli jon roth

Uli Jon Roth has been delighting fans for the past year by revisiting his past in The Scorpions whom he played guitar for between 1973 until 1978 on such classic albums as 'Fly To The Rainbow', 'In Trance', 'Virgin Killer', 'Taken By Force' as well as the live double album 'Tokyo Tapes'.

MetalTalk's Mark Taylor recently saw him at the Monster Live music venue in London and was so impressed he had to go again the following night to see Uli perform at the Boom Boom Club in Sutton.

For the UK shows the vocals were handled by himself and also Carl Sentance and young teenager Ali Clinton on guitar. The set consisted of such jaw dropping delights such as 'All Night Long', 'The Sails Of Charon', 'Life's Like A River', 'In Search Of The Peace Of Mind', 'We'll Burn The Sky', 'In Trance', 'Fly To The Rainbow', 'I've Got To Be Free', 'Pictured Life' and 'Catch Your Train' as well as a couple of Hendrix numbers.

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Mark got to speak to Uli before his show in Sutton where Uli speaks about the reasons for revisting his Scorpions past, how he picks the musicians he performs with, his appearance at this year's Wacken Festival where he also guested with Deep Purple and Doro Pesch, last year's spot at the Sunflower Jam, his invention of his beloved Sky Guitar plus his memories of seeing Jimi Hendrix live in concert.

uli jon roth

uli jon roth



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